Lake Conroe Mobile Home Park Montgomery, Texas  

Cedar Crest Mobile Home Park Regulations


The following Rules and Regulations have been promulgated by Landlord in an attempt to provide for the health, safety and welfare of all individuals in Monmouth Mobile Home Park as well as to provide for efficient and proper maintenance and operation of the Park. The following Rules and Regulations apply to all Tenants of Monmouth Mobile Home Park. It is the responsibility of each and every Tenant that the Rules and Regulations are followed. Before entrance to Monmouth Mobile Home Park, each Tenant must complete an Application and annex his or her signature to the end of the Application indicating that he or she has read all of the Rules and Regulations, that he or she understands same, and that he or she agrees to comply with and be bound by all of the following Rules and Regulations.

Landlord reserves the right, with due notice, to change the allotted space of Tenants within the Park provided conditions arise which reasonably necessitate such change. Such relocation will be paid for by Landlord. Landlord will also be liable for the reasonable value of improvements belonging to Tenants lost or damaged on account of such relocation.

Landlord is not responsible for damage, injury or loss by accident, theft or fire to either the property or person of any Tenant or guest.


All Tenants must make application and register at the office of Landlord prior to moving in the Park.


Landlord will abide by and enforce the following guidelines which are acknowledged by Congress as part of the Federal Fair Housing Act to be appropriate occupancy restrictions. Occupancy shall be limited to each mobile home on the basis of a maximum of two persons per bedroom.


The head of each family and/or mobile home owner shall be responsible for the actions of their children and guests of the children at his or her mobile home.


Excepting other normal household pets, only dogs and cats are permitted. Dogs must be maintained on a short leash. An unleashed dog will be impounded. Washing of pets is prohibited in laundry or rest rooms. Pets may be tied outside mobile homes only if they do not bark or cause any similar type of disturbance. Pets shall be kept within the owner's mobile home except while maintained by the owner on a short leash.

All droppings in the Park must be removed at first sight pursuant to the Township of South Brunswick Ordinance 59-90, which reads as follows:

"No person owning, harboring, keeping or in charge of any dog shall cause, suffer or allow such dog to defecate on any common thoroughfare, street, road, curb line, sidewalk, passageway, by-path, play area, park, school-ground or upon any space where the public congregate or walk on or upon any public property or place whatsoever or upon any private property without the permission of the owner of said property unless the person immediately removes all feces deposited by the dog an disposes of the feces by any sanitary method approved the Health Sanitarian.


No loud parties or excessive noise will be allowed. All noise shall cease between the hours of 11 P.M. and 9 A.M. "CB Units" must have the necessary filters to avoid interference with television reception.

No peddling or soliciting or commercial enterprise is allowed in the Park without first obtaining the Landlord's consent. Certificates of insurance are to be supplied upon demand.

All antennae must be wholly mounted on mobile homes, so placed and constructed to conform with Underwriter's Codes and to cause no hazards.

All garbage/trash and recyclables shall be handled and disposed of according to the attached documentation issued from the Township of South Brunswick.

Tenant must have and maintain in his or her mobile home unit an approved 2 1/2 lb. BC fire extinguisher in operable condition.


Pursuant to State and Local law, every mobile home must have a smoke-sensitive alarm device on each level of the home and outside each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms and located on or near the ceiling. The installation of battery operated smoke-sensitive alarm devices shall be acceptable.

No mobile home owner shall sell, lease or otherwise permit occupancy in their mobile home without first obtaining a Smoke Detector Compliance Certification from the Township of South Brunswick Bureau of Fire Prevention. Please notify the Bureau of Fire Prevention if you should have any questions regarding compliance with State and/or Local law or to apply for a Smoke Detector Compliance Certification.


The Park will enforce the following measures to ensure the utmost safety of all individuals and residents of Monmouth Mobile Home Park, many of which are promulgated to protect the children in the Park.

The streets of Monmouth Mobile Home Park are to be used exclusively as thoroughfares. All motor vehicles must be in operating condition, properly registered, insured and muffled. They are to be operated by licensed drivers only. There is to be no more than one person on a moped at any time. Special arrangements and permission from the Park are required for the parking of three or more cars within the Park. All vehicles must be faced in the proper direction. Minor Repairs of vehicles are permitted, but said vehicles cannot be kept on blocks. Other than standard size pick-up trucks and standard size vans, there will be no trucks or vans allowed within the limits of the Park.

The speed limit is 15 miles per hour as per agreement with the Department of Transportation which will be enforced by the local police authorities under New Jersey Statutes Annotated Title 39. Any restrictions or signs respecting traffic conditions are made a part of these Rules and Regulations.

The above provisions regarding trucks and other oversized vehicles must be strictly enforced due to the following:

(a) The narrowness of the streets within the Park;

(b) The lack of off-street parking; and

(c) The poor visibility that would result from the parking of trucks and other oversized vehicles.


All recreation equipment, including but not limited to boats, campers and trailers, must be registered with the Park.

Landlord has worked in conjunction with the Tenant’s Association and amended the Rules and Regulations pursuant to discussions held on June 15, 1994. Accordingly, tenants are now permitted to store one (1) boat on their lot, provided said boat is not more than fourteen feet (14’) in length. This includes the storage of a trailer consistent with the size of the boat. The storage of gasoline outboard motors, on a boat, is strictly prohibited. Tenants will be responsible for repairing any indentations and/or damage to any lawn area caused by the parking of a boat on their lot. This change in the Park Rules and Regulations reflected consideration for the need of additional parking for recreational equipment, the lack of off-street parking and the limited size of the lots within the Park.

All other recreation equipment must be registered and parked only in designated areas.


When drying laundry, it may be hung daily and only during daylight hours. Clothes must be removed from lines as soon as dry. "Umbrella" lines may be used only in the rear of the space and behind the mobile home where possible. "Umbrella" lines must be closed when not in use.


Tenant is responsible for proper use of water lines and waste pipes and should not tamper with electrical lines or poles. All said lines and pipes below the ground level will be the responsibility of the Landlord and anything above the ground level will be the responsibility of the Tenant. Tenant shall be responsible to pay for the reasonable costs of repairs occasioned by damage caused by Tenant's actions on any said lines or pipes, above or below the ground level.

Tenant shall keep the water and sewer lines on their space free and clear from all plantings and debris to allow access to said lines by Landlord. Any and all plantings and debris which must be removed shall be removed by Landlord at the expense of Tenant.


Standard yard and patio furniture and approved storage shed(s) are the only items permitted outside mobile homes.

All tenants must have skirting on their homes. All tenants must maintain existing skirting so that, all times, it is secure, neat and free from dirt, damage, or defect. New skirting or skirting being completely replaced shall be pre-finished aluminum or vinyl (one color) installed vertically with a two-tract system with vent panels. The color must be harmonious with the color of the home. Skirting shall not be removed from the home except for purposes of repair and inspection of the home. Skirting must be factory designed for mobile homes only, unless otherwise approved by landlord.

Spaces must be kept clean and orderly at all times. No storage of any kind, including the storage of water hoses, will be permitted under any mobile home. The Landlord's concern is that of preventing breeding conditions for rodents and insects and minimizing any risks and hazards of fire.

Grass is to be cut regularly by Tenant. Plantings left by a preceding Tenant shall become part of this Park and shall not be removed or damaged.

All fences and plantings must be approved by Landlord. The Landlord will not permit a stockade fence, but will consider split rail, picket and rubberized chain-link fences. The maximum height of any fence will not exceed four (4) feet. All fences must have at least fifty (50) percent visibility. Because the streets must be plowed in the winter months, no fence can be closer than four (4) feet from the curb line. If a sidewalk exists, no fence can be closer than one (1) foot from the sidewalk. All fences must be properly maintained or they may be subject to removal.

Leaves are to be raked and disposed of in the designated area(s) of the Park pursuant to the annual notice sent to all Tenants by the Park.

As soon as possible after any snowfall, Tenants are responsible for the removal of ice and snow from their sidewalks and in and around all automobiles without discarding snow onto the streets.


No sign may be displayed by the Tenant on the lot or on the Tenant's mobile home other than Tenant's name, lot number and seasonal decorations, except that one "for sale" sign may appear on Tenant's mobile home unit not to exceed 11" x 14".


All water lines must be protected to prevent freezing prior to October 15. A service charge can be made for each visit to thaw out pipes, repair clogged sewers, damage to water connections or electrical service where such service call is necessitated by the fault of the Tenant. Tenant shall not put any insoluble materials in toilets or sewer lines.


No additions or construction of any kind may be made to any mobile home or to the site, which shall include, but not be limited to, doors, windows, decks, sheds, and fences, unless Tenant obtains the necessary permits and/or approvals from the Township of South Brunswick, and the Tenant obtains permission from the Park for same.


In order to provide for the safety of all park residents, all mobile homes must be properly anchored and/or secured. Any questions as to the anchoring and/or securing of your mobile home and the permit process for same, should be directed to the Park Office.


Tenant agrees to pay rent to Monmouth Mobile Home Park, payable in monthly installments and on the first day of each month. In addition to rent, Tenant agrees to pay any charges or surcharges allowed or allowable under any regulation, ordinance or statute promulgated or enacted by any body having jurisdiction over regulating or setting of rents in the Township of South Brunswick.

Tenant will pay the rent monthly as aforesaid, as the same shall fall due. Any monthly rental payment after the 5th of the month shall be accompanied by a late charge of 5% of the amount then due.

Tenant will pay any and all sums of money due pursuant to the Rules & Regulations including but not limited to rent, late charges and any attorney's fees incurred by the landlord as part of any summary dispossess proceeding or otherwise incurred to enforce the law and/or the Rules & Regulations, shall be deemed "additional rent" for purposes of any landlord-tenant proceeding. All such charges due to the landlord from the tenant must be paid as a condition precedent to have any summary dispossess action based upon any non-payment of rent dismissed.

In addition, if the tenant is obligated to pay landlord on account of any financing obligation related to the mobile home acquisition each such monthly payment shall also be considered "additional rent" for purposes of any summary dispossess proceeding.


All tenants entering the Park shall pay $53.00 for a Credit Report, $15.00 for a Mail Box Deposit, and a $650.00 Park Entrance Fee. A non-refundable fee of $250.00 shall accompany each credit application which will be applied to the Park Entrance Fee if the tenant is accepted.

The Park Entrance Fee is not a donation, gratuity, bonus or gift, but rather is specifically related to and identifiable with the actual costs of processing new residents into their mobile homes. The actual costs are comprised of the following:

Office staff and clerical support for the preparation of the application packages, working with the bank obtaining appraisals, verifying credit applications, preparation of contracts, interacting with the owners and prospective buyers, closings, obtaining titles and miscellaneous duties. These costs include employee wages and benefits, office overhead, miscellaneous office expenses and the costs of credit application reports.


Each and every Tenant of each mobile home shall be registered with the Landlord and all mobile homes shall be occupied by the owner or owners of said home. The owner or owners of any mobile home shall not sublet his or her mobile home, assign any rights as to his or her mobile home and/or the agreement to pay monthly rent or any other rights as to his or her mobile home, or in any way permit individuals not registered and approved by the Landlord to reside in his or her mobile home.

If Tenant does not comply with the provisions of this paragraph, the Landlord has the right of re-entry on to the premises, to evict Tenant, and agrees that Landlord has the right to commence any and all legal proceedings to carry out same.


Landlord shall not deny Tenant the right to sell Tenant's mobile home within Landlord's mobile home park or require Tenant to remove the mobile home from Landlord's mobile home park solely on the basis of the sale thereof. Tenant must notify Landlord of Tenant's desire to sell his or her mobile home unit. Landlord reserves the right to approve the purchaser as a Tenant of Landlord, but such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. If Tenant is in arrears on his or her rental payments or any other charges or if the demised premises are not adequately maintained by Tenant or if Tenant's mobile home unit does not comply with Landlord's rules and regulations on the date of Tenant's proposed sale of Tenant's mobile home to a new Tenant, no final approval will be granted by Landlord until the defect or defects is or are cured.

Tenant shall have the right upon 90 days written notice to Landlord to remove his or her mobile home from the leased space and surrender possession of the leased space with a pro-rata reduction in the rent apportioned as the date of termination or removal, whichever is later. No mobile home unit may be moved out of the Park while the Tenant is in arrears on any charges as set forth herein.


Tenant agrees that he or she has inspected the site in which he or she is to occupy and has found same in good repair, sanitary condition, and acceptable for his or her use. Monmouth Mobile Home Park makes no representation as to the conditions of the site which Tenant has inspected.


Landlord reserves the right to enter upon the Tenant's mobile home site for the purpose of inspecting or repairing same. Landlord reserves the right of entry upon the mobile home unit and site without notice in case of an emergency.


Landlord shall not be liable for any debts, liability, or damage claims for injury to persons, including Tenants or their guests, or for property damage from any cause due to any acts or omissions by the Tenant or the Tenant's agents, employees, guests, licensees or invitees. Tenant hereby covenants and agrees to indemnify Landlord and save him harmless from all costs and expenses including attorney's fees, liability, loss or other claims or obligations because of or arising out of such injuries, damages or losses.


In the event of the destruction of Tenant's mobile home unit by fire, explosion, the elements or otherwise or such partial destruction thereof as to render the Tenant's mobile home unit wholly untenantable or unfit for occupancy, or should the Tenant's mobile home unit be so badly injured that the same cannot be repaired within 90 days from the happening of such injury, then and in such case the Tenant shall promptly remove his or her mobile home unit or the remains thereof, and all other property from the demised premises and shall surrender said premises and all the Tenant's interest therein to the Landlord, and shall pay rent to the time of such surrender, in which event the Landlord may re-enter and repossess the premises. Should the Tenant's mobile home unit be rendered untenantable and unfit for occupancy, but yet be repairable within 90 days from the happening of said injury, the Tenant shall repair the same with reasonable speed, and the rent shall accrue while repairs are being made. Should Tenant's mobile home unit be so slightly injured as not to be rendered untenantable and unfit for occupancy, then the Tenant agrees to repair the same with reasonable promptness and the rent shall accrue while repairs are being made. The Tenant shall immediately notify the Landlord in case of fire or other damage to the Tenant's mobile home unit.


Monmouth Mobile Home Park, Inc. would like to provide its residents with an additional emergency facility. In the event you have partial electric or no electric and are unable to contact Park personnel, please call: Blaine Bros. Electric Inc. who are licensed electricians in the State of New Jersey, at (908)329-6351. The same holds true for any plumbing emergency; please call Mark Habiak Plumbing & Heating who is a licensed plumber in the State of New Jersey, at (908)940-0220. If you have a heating problem, call PSE&G at (908)247-7000.

If the above service calls are the direct responsibility of the mobile home park, there will be no charge. However, if Blaine Bros. or Mark Habiak respond to an "emergent call" and it is not the responsibility of the Park, you will be billed by them for the service call.


All Tenants must maintain hazard insurance on their mobile homes.

If you need insurance, you can call Joyce Conticelli of Pennington Insurance Services, at (609)737-2400.


Any complaints by Tenants must be in writing and presented to Landlord at its business office during office hours, unless complaint involves an emergency.


Any continued violation of these Rules and Regulations by any Tenant and/or occupants constitutes a violation of Tenant's rental agreement and a breach of the within Rules and Regulations and any amendments thereto, and shall be grounds for eviction and right of reentry by Landlord. This includes other reasonable, unspecified restrictions and/or Rules and Regulations not contained herein that would provide for the health, welfare and safety of the Mobile Home Park residents.


Tenant agrees, upon demand, to pay and discharge all reasonable costs, attorney's fees and expenses that shall be made and incurred by Landlord in enforcing any of the within Rules and Regulations, and Landlord and Tenant agree that the provisions herein contained shall be binding upon, apply to, and inure to the respective heirs, successors and assigns.


All rental, fees charges, assessments, Rules and Regulations, except as they may be amended, modified, or increased from time to time are fully set forth herein. No rental, fees, charges, or assessments as set forth herein will be increased and no rule or regulation as set forth herein will be changed by Landlord without specifying the date of implementation of said rental, fees, charge, assessments, or Rules and Regulations, which date shall be no less than 30 days after written notice to Tenant.

Landlord reserves the right to change and amend these rules and regulations at any time. Tenants will be given due notice of any change or amendment to which this rider is attached.


Captions, paragraph headings or subtitles contained herein are inserted for convenience only, and are no way to be construed as part of these Rules & Regulations or as a limitation of the scope of a particular provision to which they refer.